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primrose OREOPHLOMIS PRIMULA Sem. Primulaceae P {text-align: justify;} Section OREOPHLOMIS Includes melenkie and medium-sized perennial primroses that bloom in early spring, has smooth leaves with serrated edge and pink flowers with a yellow eye.

DERBYANKA BLECHNUM Fern Sem. Derbyankovye P {text-align: justify;} Description: to the genus derbyanka are terrestrial herbs with creeping, erect or oblique scaly rhizomes.

In Rio de Janeiro bred dangerous snails
In Rio de Janeiro bred dangerous snails banner with the words "Caution snail!" may soon appear in parks and green areas of Rio de Janeiro. As reported in the city civil defense headquarters, all units are raised to fight the common snail, brood this year in large numbers.

Azarin or MAURANDIYA ASARINA = MAURANDIA Sem. Norichkovye P {text-align: justify;} Description: of the plants used in gardens for vertical landscaping, there are many such, which some growers not even heard of, such Azarin.

Delphinium DELPHINIUM Sem. Ranunculaceae P {text-align: justify;} Delphinium cultural -under this name combined a variety of forms and varieties resulting from hybridization complex, started since 1859.

DUDNIK ANGELICA Sem. Umbrella News Encyclopedia Sources Rocky garden Websad P {text-align: justify;} Description: is widely known medicinal plant.

Krupki Sakhalin
Draba, or Krupka DRABA Sem. Cruciferous News Encyclopedia Sources Rocky garden Websad P {text-align: justify;} In the Far East is 17 kinds of grits from them on Sakhalin-5, the Kuril Islands -1 overall -1. most decorative different: D. kurilensis Turcz.

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