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Fashion exotic animals captures Barnaul
Region: Barnaul Fashion exotic animals captures Barnaul Residents of the capital of the Altai Territory factory house lizards, snails and ferrets instead of the usual cats and dogs October 4 is World Animal Day.

Amazon piranhas have registered in Kaliningrad
Amazon piranhas have registered in Kaliningrad The aquarium World Ocean Museum, new inhabitants -piranhas. About bloodlust of these natives of the Amazon are composed of whole legend.

Blue Gascony Basset photos can be increased Photo: Blue Gascony Basset - Country of Origin: France Classification: Group 6: Hounds and similar rocks Section 1: Canes Subsection 1.3 Small Training: Stubborn puppy should be brought up from an early age.

Belouhy funeral cockatoo Calyptorhynchus baudinii: information about, photos, videos, prices, buy, sell
Belouhy funeral cockatoo Calyptorhynchus baudinii Photography can increase Photo: Belouhy funeral cockatoo Calyptorhynchus baudinii - Classification Kingdom : Animals Type : Chordata Subtype : Vertebrates Class : Birds Order : Psittaciformes Family : Kakadu Rhode : Funeral cockatoo Appearance body length 56 cm, 38 cm length of the wing; weight up to 800 plumage is black-brown with a greenish tinge, all the feathers edged with white and yellow.

Vodyanik EMPETRUM Sem. Heather Name: crowberry, crowberry and siksa and on-Latin -Empetrum, with the accent on the first syllable.

Honeysuckle: climbers
Honeysuckle: climbers LONICERA Sem. Honeysuckle for vertical gardening are of particular interest with curly honeysuckle Climbing long shoots.

LIMNORHIS LIMNORCHIS cem. Orchids Name: is derived from the Greek words "Limne" marsh, standing water and "orhis" testicle. Description: in the genus of about 15 species, native to North America; one type meets on Commander islands.

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