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Axolotl. Axolotl content
Axolotl. Axolotl content I want to mention about the animal whose name almost everyone knows, having an accurate picture of the very essence of which bears this name: axolotl Ambystoma = Siredon mexicafnum of the family Ambilistomy Ambystomidae.

Animals terrarium Whom contain terrarium?
Animals terrarium Whom contain terrarium? How extensive and diverse science terrariums seen on summmarnomu review animal whose life is possible in the terrarium. Previously, our passion was limited, despite already given Bechstein extension of this science, in practice only two "classes" animal kingdom: amphibians and reptiles.

Tailed amphibians. Tailless amphibians
Tailed amphibians. Tailless amphibians At all stages of evolution were amphibians or amphibians to reptiles below their development.

Purchase for terrarium animals
Purchase for terrarium animals first thing you certainly go to your local pet store. There you will always find a few animals, cared for relatively simple.

Royal snakes
Royal snakes Shtrumpfbandnattery very beautiful, but more beautiful royal snakes family Lampropeltis , who live in North and Central America. They are all very beautifully painted, so their color varies not only between different species and subspecies, but even individually, which leads to the astonishment of professionals who, because this can not immediately identify them correctly.

Animal feed. Reptiles and amphibians feed
animal feed. Feed reptiles and amphibians Menu terrarium animals varied and individually. Standard menu does not exist, and the taste is so diverse animal habits, how diverse their views.

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