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Mekong Bobtail Mekong-bobtail cat
Mekong Bobtail Mekong-bobtail Breed History: Breed was named on a territorial basis of their origin -Mekong River flows through Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Thailand, and were taken from the founders of the Thai Mekong Bobtail.

Highland Fold Highland Fold cat
Highland Fold Highland Fold Origin: Haylend-fold -vislouhie koshki , noticeably different From shorthair skottish-foldov hair of medium length. This breed vstrechaetsya dovolno redko.

York Chocolate Cat
York Chocolate Breed origin York Chocolate Cat hails from New York City, United States. The first representatives of this breed appeared a cat of unknown breed, the owner of which was American Janet Chifari.

Kuril Bobtail Kurilian bobtail cat
Kuril Bobtail Kurilian bobtail Origin: The actual birthplace Kuril bobtail are considered Iturup and Kunashir, where the rock was formed as a result of mating with the Japanese bobtail strong and healthy Siberian cats.

Apartments in Barcelona Spain
Rent apartments in Barcelona, Spain Barcelona -fabulous dream of all travelers. Everyone who managed to spend their holidays here, remember the quaint winding streets with trendy boutiques and cozy cafes, wide area, luxurious gentle beaches, beautiful sea, majestic cathedrals and gothic gay nightlife.

Fisher cat
civet cat fisher Breed origin and habitat civet cat fisher presents two species in nature. Significant difference in their appearance and behavior not just animals that comes from Southeast Asia, from Sri Lanka to Malacca, they are a little larger.

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