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Lagarosifon Lagarosiphon madagascariensis Madagascar description, photos, videos, keeping, breeding, sale, buy
LAGAROSIFON Lagarosiphon Department flowering or angiosperms MAGNOLIOPHYTA, or ANGIOSPERMAE Family: Hydrocharitaceae Hydrocharitaceae Lagarosifon Madagascar Lagarosiphon madagascariensis photos can be increased Photo: Lagarosifon Madagascar Lagarosiphon madagascariensis - grows on about.

Ornamental cabbage
CABBAGE BRASSICA Sem. Cruciferous P {text-align: justify;} Name: the old Latin name for cabbage. Meaning of the word is unclear.

Rhodiola rosea, or Golden Root
Rhodiola rosea Phodiola rosea Sem. Crassulaceae P {text-align: justify;} Rhodiola rosea -Rhodiola rosea L ., 1753. R. minor Mill ., 1768. R. odorata Lam ., 1778.

SMILATSINA SMILACINA Sem. Convallaria P {text-align: justify;} Name: diminutive Smilax sarsaparilla, given the similarity of these plants. Smilacina henrii photo Rozantseva Tatiana Description: rhizomatous, usually low perennials.

Vodyanik EMPETRUM Sem. Heather P {text-align: justify;} Name: crowberry, crowberry and siksa and on-Latin -Empetrum, with the accent on the first syllable.

Honeysuckle: climbers
Honeysuckle: climbers LONICERA Sem. Honeysuckle P {text-align: justify;} for vertical gardening are of particular interest with curly honeysuckle Climbing long shoots.

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