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Epiplatis fish Graham description, photos, videos, keeping, breeding, sale, buy

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kind of "EPIPLATIS Epiplatys"

Order: Karpozuboobraznye Cyprinodontiformes
Family: toothcarps Cyprinodontidae

Inhabit streams and small pond and tropical rainforests shroud basins of the Atlantic coast of Africa to the headwaters. Neil.

Body elongated, mackerel form the upper mouth. The dorsal fin is related closely to the caudal fin.

Predators, but peaceful with fish of similar size, kept in the upper water layer, bouncy, like a shady spot. Can comprise a generally closed top of the tank, but not to small fish. Floating plants and places overgrown plants reach the surface of the water.

Water Content : 22-25 ? C, dH to 15 ?, pH 6-7,5.

Food : live substitutes.

Spawning may also occur in the general aquarium, but preferably in the spawning, with floating plants and thickets in which the female is hiding from persecution male. Before boarding the spawning females and males are kept separate within 1-2 weeks.

Water for farming : 25 -27 ? C, dH to 10 ?, pH 6-6,8.


spawning pair or better put 1 male and 2-4 females. Spawning of plants at the water surface. Every day for 2-3 weeks the female lays several eggs, which together with the plants transferred to an incubator, because eat fish fry. The incubation period is 8-14 days. Fry immediately take food -live dust, but do not show when this activity is therefore necessary water circulation, which distributes food to the aquarium.

Malkov sort by size, because cannibalism.

Epiplatis Graham Epiplatys grahami: keeping and breeding fish.

Epiplatis Graham Epiplatys grahami- photos can be increased
Photo: Epiplatis Graham Epiplatys grahami -

Inhabit coastal small standing waters south-west Nigeria and Kemeruna.

length up to 6 cm

brownish body with pale blue to blue-green sheen on the side rows of red dots. The male on the side there are dark transverse bands, fins yellowish-green to pale orange, with small red dots. The female is colored paler transverse bands appear more clearly, fins colorless.

Water for farming: 24-25 ? C, dH 20 ? and pH 7,2-7,5.

Video: Epiplatis Graham

Video: Epiplatys grahami Boulenger, 1911

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